Small carver 01, ash handle

Small carver 01, ash handle

  • Small but strong

  • Well balanced

  • Tough edge

The small carver is a specialty axe and a precision tool. It is useful in a variety of jobs, from removing lots of material to fine cutting surfaces. It works well for beginner and senior carvers. It is developed in cooperation with renowned carver Beth Moen.

The 550 gram axe head is easy to swing. The axe is balanced just below the axe head. This balance makes every gram work to your advantage, so when you need more power the axe feels larger. 

A cavity allows the hand to carve from the center of the edge when holding close, which increases fine cutting precision. Holding closer to the end knob empowers each strike to remove bigger chunks of wood.

The long curved edge easily carves into the wood. The flat bevel makes the sharp edge catch the fibers without bouncing off or sucking into the wood.

The edge comes ready to use and will hold a sharp edge for a long time. Slight additional honing will increase performance. The 32 degree angle works well for both soft and hard wood. Hardened to 57 Rockwell, it has good edge retention and is still easy to sharpen.

The handle curve aligns well with the edge line from every grip point. Oval handle profile allows for good direction and stabile grip. The generous end knob protects the axe from sliding out of hands when chopping hard.

The ash is hard and tough for not breaking from a bad hit, and flexy to pick up some of the vibrations to protect the hands from the strike.

Made to order.

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"The axe works excellent. Distinct feel, good balance and good at removing material"

– Beth Moen

Beth Moen is a master of wood crafts, slöjd, furniture making and carpentry. She is a skilled craftsperson and well respected for her axe technique. Her speciality is bowl making.

She is main teacher of the wood craft program at Sätergläntan insititue for slöjd in Insjön, Sweden. She is also teaching at other schools and gatherings around the world.

Through all development phases, she tested and evaluated Kalthoff small carver and her valuable input ensured the functional quality.


Axe head weight: 550 gram / 1.2 pound
Handle: 300 mm / 12 inch long
Edge: Long and curved 100 mm / 3.9 inch
Bevel: 32 degree flat
Blade: 130 mm / 5.1 inch long with carving cavity
Neck: 55 mm / 2.2 inch long
Steel: Swedish steel. Alloyed with carbon, molybdenum, chrome, and vanadium
Forging: Die forged in hammer press with slow cooling
Heat treatment, edge: Kalthoff slow hardening 57 HRC
Steel finish: Linseed oil and bees wax
Wood: Swedish Ash, grown in Skåne
Grain alignment: Standing grain with +/- 45% variation
Wood moisture: Axe assembled with handle and wedge furniture dry at 8–10% moisture level
Handle finish: Raw linseed oil
Leather: Vegetable tanned cow hides, bordeaux shade

Order FAQ

Q: How long is the current wait for delivery?
A: Right now the wait is 1-2 months.

Q: Do you ship to United States?
A: Yes, shipping cost 40 USD.

Q: How much is 1990 Swedish kronas in US dollars?
A: 1990 SEK is about 220 USD.

Q: Do you ship world wide?
A: Yes, shipping outside Europe and North America cost is around 50 USD.

Q: Can I pay with PayPal?
A: Yes, you can.

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