Terms of Service


Payment & delivery

The axes are subject to limited availability. They are made on order and is delivered as soon as possible after purchase. For axes the payment is made in advance, when ordering the tool. At order, there will be a time estimate for delivery, but it can be delivered sooner or later than that. We guarantee that you will get your axe in reasonable time, or you will get your money back.

Payment option is to pay with card, and the transactions are secure and encrypted. 

If axe and sharpening stone is bought together, they will be shipped together when the axe is made.

Lifetime warranty

Kalthoff Axes offers life time warranty. The warranty is covering workmanship and material issues on the axe head. This does not include normal wear and issues due to mistreating the axe. The handle is considered expendable and is not covered by the lifetime warranty.

We are available for advice if you ever have a problem using the axe. Write a short description of why the axe does not meet your expectations and include images. If there is an issue we need to investigate it in person, so it needs to be returned to Kalthoff Axes. We either repair it, replace it or give you the money back. 

Force majeure

We are not obliged to fulfill our part of the deal in case of force majeure. This includes changed laws, authority action, strike, fire, flood, war, terror, sabotage, big accidents and similar.


An axe is a sharp tool that can be dangerous if used carelessly. The user is responsible to work in safe manners. Always use safety goggles and never use the axe if the head is loose. 


We have the right to not do business with you if we suspect that you will use the tools for violence.